The stories that will feature in this book is very much a result of crowd-sourcing. We relied on the design community to suggest interesting and inspiring stories to explore further. Our aim is also to be as inclusive as possible and to highlight hidden stories, not often told within the design circle. We also wanted to ensure that stories from emerging economies such as South America, Africa and Asia gets told.

The book consists of 3 main types of content:

  1.  In-depth Case Studies
  2. Snapshots
  3. Experts views

In-depth case studies
We run creative workshops with innovative design consultancies in order to uncover key examples of their transitioning practices. The creative workshops are designed to help teams reveal their own hidden practices as well as the key drivers of change within their organisation.

The book will also contain short snapshots of new and emerging practices that we have been unable to run workshops with but nonetheless contains compelling stories of change and transitions.

Experts view
To ensure a plurality of viewpoints, we will also interview design commentators, academics and writers on the drivers of change in design practice and to give their opinions on the future of design.