Design Transitions in Australia

Picture by Ash Donaldson Picture by Ash Donaldson

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu office in Sydney hosted a coffee morning launch for the Design Transitions book at their office on the 11th of November 2014. Overall, there were around 40 people in attendance, comprising half from the design industry and half from the social sector network. This event is part of the Design as Strategy series put on by Deloitte in partnership with Good Design.

Chris Vanstone from TACSI (The Australian Centre for Social Innovation) was the invited guest and Lauren spoke with Chris about their collaborative approach at TACSI particularly that of their excellent Family by Family programme. Chris spoke very passionately about a whole range of topics around the story of TACSI, the value of design/co-design, how they used co-design to develop Family by Family, what was the impact and how it was evaluated and where he thought design was going. Chris believes design will more and more “mash up” with other disciplines. He spoke of innovation connecting previously unconnected ideas. We think this is very much happening already but not captured in a more explicit manner.

Meld Studios provided a great summary of the event.

Here Lauren’s reflection: ‘Overall it was very exciting to be given the opportunity to provide an overview of the book and having Chris as a guest. The live panel idea is such a great way to tell the story differently. The book has been so useful in kicking start discussions with different audiences and are continually providing us insights and new conversations about design’.

These conversations and insights around the world has coalesce into ideas for our second book, which we will be writing another blog post in more detail about it.

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