Design Transitions, the book is finally out!

Bookshop with DT book

We are extremely excited to announce that the Design Transitions book is finally published and will be available soon around the world. We have also set up a site dedicate to the book and news about it here. The book is already available in The Netherlands, from the Publisher’s website. It will be available in the UK on the 16th of October and on pre-order on various online sites. The list includes:

Book Sypnosis
Design Transitions presents 42 unique and insightful stories of how design is changing around the world. Twelve countries are represented from the perspectives of three different communities: design agencies, organizations embedding design; and design academics. The range of design disciplines covered include Design Innovation, Service Design, Social Design, Products Futures & Design Art.

We have an amazing list of contributors and practices sharing their stories. Here is the full list:
Droog / BERG / Superflux / PHUNK / Fjord / live|work Brazil / User Studio / WorkPlayExperience / thinkpublic / FutureGov / We Are What We Do / Snook / Uscreates / STBY / Hakuhodo Innovation Lab / DesignThinkers Group / Idiom / INSITUM / Optimal Usability / frog Asiadesignaffairs Shanghai / Claro Partners / Asilia / Zilver Innovation / Ziba

Novabase / ISVOR / Radboud REshape / InWithFor & The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) / Minas Gerais Office of Strategic Priorities

Robert Young / Tom Inns / Banny Banerjee / Paul Rodgers / Mike Press / Lucy Kimbell / Carlos Teixeira / Ezio Manzini / Cameron Tonkinwise / Andrea Siodmok / Xin Xiangyang / Adam Greenfield

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