Questto | Nó: Designers as Conductors


We asked Leo Massarelli in Brazil from Questto|Nó to share some insights into their practices and views on the current drivers of change in design. Questto|Nó is based in Brazil and Switzerland established in 1993 and seeks to realize new ideas into solutions that are effective for people and businesses.

1. Tell us about Questto|Nó’s design practices and describe why you do what you do.
We believe in design with no boundaries, multidisciplinary design that shows in several market segments. We understand design is a real transforming force when developed in a holistic, integral way. Positive impact through design is obtained by the orchestration of all contact points, thus generating a positive and transforming experience in people’s lives and in the companies that hire us. The product or service which a company offers is its main active. It deeply and intrinsically carries all brand values at the same time that the user relates to it. Creating the perfect absorption of these values through a rich experience is the key to impact transformation.

This way, we understand that companies are the most fundamental piece in the construction of a better world. They are, by their products, services and advertising, responsible for our habits.

We live in the era of complexity, when it’s necessary to develop a well-built systematic thought in order to create positive impact. With design, we are able to build this new world.

2. What do you think are the current drivers of change in design practices at Questto|Nó?
I believe we have two great drivers nowadays. The first is what we call Complex Universe. Concerns such as sustainability, technology, communication system, ascending of less-favored classes and others make everyday life in companies harder as compared to their relevance. Designers are trained and extremely handy when it comes to gathering all information in a creative way to come up with transforming results. It is so that out work nowadays no longer answers the questions about how to make things, but what things to make. We help companies think the future.

The second important element, especially in Brazil, is the quick economic acceleration the country has been through in the last few years. It demands companies to be more competitive and relevant in their markets and the rush to design studios to develop thorough projects is the best way to remain so.

3. What excites you about design at the moment (this can either be your own practice at Questto|Nó or other practices)?
The possibility of developing projects that are really intelligent and sophisticated for markets that we could not reach in the past. It is also relevant that now we can participate in the entire projects, from research and briefing to final implementation. We have recently merged two design studios, increasing not only or service scope, but also our market fields. We now develop transportation, packaging, environments, brands, medical equipment, furniture, electronics, everything!

4. What do you think the future practices of design will look like and why?
I believe more and more that designers will be the great ‘conductors’
Because we live in a world that’s getting more and more complex, with so many variables, designers will little by little assume more tasks such as defining strategy or creating and managing all contact points or the clients to their customers.

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