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We asked Luis Alt (@luisAlt), the Director of Live|Work @Brazil office to share some insights into their practices and views on the current drives of change in design.

1. Tell us about Live Work’s design practices and describe why you do what you do.
As a service design studio we have two strong points of view that supports our approach. As I’ve already read the next question, it may be directly related to my next answer. Those points are “service thinking”, that is, everything is a service and we have to understand where is the value for everyone involved in those complex systems and “design thinking” that leads us to more empathy, collaboration and experimentation. We work hard to create a better world to live and work (that’s probably the why).

2. What do you think are the current drivers of change in design practices at Live Work?
Drivers of change!!? Mmm. Probably behavioral/cultural shifts such as collaborative consuming and enabling technologies that are constantly changing the game (payment, access to information, etc.)

3. What excites you about design at the moment (this can either be your own practice at Live Work or other practices)?
What excites me is that we live in a world of possibilities and our job is to create combinations that matter to people.

4. What do you think the future practices of design will look like and why?
I really don’t know, but I don’t think we’ll go towards one direction only… As more and more designers start to work collaboratively with users, for instance, I also see the boom of artistic/signature designers popping-up to solve our need for beautiful “things”. Nonetheless out of everything that may happen in the future what strikes me as the most interesting thing will be the emergence of design entrepreneurs that will sell their own products and also services.

Photos courtesy of live|work Studios, Brazil.

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